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What is a California Totten trust?

A Totten Trust is a bank account that transfers funds to a beneficiary after the account holder dies. As a California resident, you might establish this account to avoid your assets getting tied up in California's probate court. To avoid confusion, remember that this...

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Setting up a viable trust fund

Residents of California are urged to leave a highly detailed plan for their heirs to follow. Doing so can help to avoid a great deal of legal and financial contention. Decide on the form of your trust Wills and trusts must be legally established in order to be...

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Differences between living trusts and wills

In California, having an estate plan is essential to ensuring that the intended wishes for your estate get carried out upon your death. Two standard methods to distribute assets include living trusts and simple wills. While both documents ultimately serve to...

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How can you contest a trust?

Many Californians know about contesting a will. However, what’s lesser known is that you can also contest a trust. Below are some reasons you might want to take this route. Undue influence If you believe that the grantor, the person who created the trust, was under...

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