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Differences between living trusts and wills

In California, having an estate plan is essential to ensuring that the intended wishes for your estate get carried out upon your death. Two standard methods to distribute assets include living trusts and simple wills. While both documents ultimately serve to...

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How can you contest a trust?

Many Californians know about contesting a will. However, what’s lesser known is that you can also contest a trust. Below are some reasons you might want to take this route. Undue influence If you believe that the grantor, the person who created the trust, was under...

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When should you use an ILIT in California?

Trusts are a popular estate planning tool for California residents. One of the options is an irrevocable life insurance trust (or ILIT for short), which is a popular option for a few reasons. Benefits of an ILIT The ILIT - as the name suggests - is made with a life...

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Wills: A guide to probate and public record

A will is a legal document that outlines the distribution of assets and the care of minor children after the death of a person. It is an essential tool for estate planning in California, and beneficiaries need to understand the probate process and the public record of...

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