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What do you need to know about elder law attorneys?

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2022 | Estate Administration & Probate

While California attorneys may offer assistance to people of all ages, the elderly population’s legal needs involve different concerns than many other age groups. If you are going to see an elder law attorney for the first time, keep these considerations in mind.

Estate planning documents

One major consideration that elder law attorneys discuss with clients is estate planning. Specifically, elder law focuses on these core estate planning documents:

• Trust agreements
• Wills
• Healthcare power of attorney forms
• Durable power of attorney forms


Elderly citizens often find themselves dealing with confusing options when choosing health care insurance. Private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid offer options for elderly insurance, but each system operates with a different set of requirements. Legal representation may help elderly clients determine which policies they qualify for, and may provide assistance with filing for appeals when these insurance companies refuse to pay medical bills.

Disabled and dependent children

Some elderly parents still have disabled children who cannot leave the home. A qualified elder law attorney may be able to help design a care plan for them.

End-of-life care

Some clients seek out elder law attorneys because the client understands that they are reaching the end of their life. For the clients, important elder law facts to discuss include:
• Organ donation
• Funeral arrangements
• Long-term or short-term care
• Dementia and potential legal challenges to a will

Daily problems

Some elderly clients simply require assistance with daily care. These clients may need help setting up finances or assisted living facilities. They may also need help setting up Social Security or public assistance programs.


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