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Appointing separate power of attorney agents to multiple accounts

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2020 | Powers of Attorney

Deciding to appoint someone to handle important personal matters is a step in the right direction. Of course, even if California residents want to appoint power of attorney agents, they may feel uncertain about the best way to go about doing so. Additionally, they may wonder whether they can put more than one person in charge of different accounts.

Fortunately, if individuals do want to put separate people in charge of separate accounts, they can certainly do so. Many individuals choose to appoint someone to the role of the financial power of attorney agent and a different person as the health care power of attorney agent, but those are not the only two categories that can be separated. Interested parties could also appoint one person to handle certain financial accounts and another person to handle different financial accounts.

Of course, if a person does want to make those specific separations, using different documents with clear instructions is important. The details could better ensure that the information needed is clear and that there is little chance for confusion. It may seem unnecessary to create separate documents, but for clarity’s sake, it may be a smart step to take.

Another important step in ensuring clarity is to have the documents drawn up properly using the correct language and terms. California residents who want to make sure that their documents are legally binding and express their wishes properly may want to utilize the services of experienced attorneys. Power of attorney documents can be complex to create and having the help of those knowledgeable in this area of law could make a beneficial difference.


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