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Wills, other planning documents can provide useful instructions

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2020 | Wills

Many events in life are better navigated when instructions are available. For particularly difficult times in life, those instructions can seem like a gift to lessen stress and help individuals through a trying period. Wills and other estate planning documents can provide useful instructions to California families who need that information and help after the passing of a loved one.

An estate plan can help surviving loved ones find a sense of purpose by giving them specific duties and jobs. Not every job is active, such as being a beneficiary who receives assets from the estate, but some jobs have important tasks to accomplish. For instance, the executor of the estate will need to tackle a number of responsibilities, and putting someone in charge who can handle those responsibilities and providing that person with instruction could bring at least a bit of relief.

The instructions can also include the name of a person to care for minor children after their parents’ passing. Naming a guardian is a vital step for parents to take to better ensure that their children will be cared for by a trusted person. If these instructions are not provided, the court will have to determine who cares for the children, which can be tricky.

Even if California residents do not have a substantial amount of assets, wills and other planning documents can still be immensely useful. Providing instructions can help ease some of the burdens surviving loved ones may feel after losing a loved one and allow them to feel more confident that they are carrying out their loved one’s wishes. If parties are ready to leave those instructions for their families, they may wish to explore their estate planning options.


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