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Estate planning can prevent family squabbles over estate assets

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2019 | Estate Administration & Probate

Few things in life are certain, with death and taxes noted as exceptions.  Most families in California wish to leave a legacy for their heirs but not all of them successfully prepare for it. Estate planning can alleviate many ill feelings and legal ramifications. Sadly, Aretha Franklin was one who appears to not have adequately prepared, and her family is paying the price through a court fight over her estate assets.

Following her death, handwritten wills were located but have not yet been validated in court. A family squabble has resulted as the singer’s family maneuvers for control of her sizable estate. The singer’s sons are looking into the use of handwriting experts in an attempt to validate the wills. In the meantime, court proceedings are underway in an effort to reach a settlement.

In a recent court hearing regarding the case as many as nine attorneys argued certain points during the proceedings. The judge took control of the situation and placed resolution of the estate under its direct control. This gives the court a significant role over several issues, including the sale of property.

No one wants to face their own mortality head on. However, failure to do so can result in loved ones having to face difficult decisions. Estate planning in California can provide a person with ease of mind in knowing that estate assets accrued over a lifetime will successfully be passed on in accordance with one’s final wishes and that a person’s family will be spared additional hardship during a time of grief.


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