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Trust preparation for the care of a specific loved one

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2018 | Trusts

Estate planning can be a complex process, especially when considering the care and support of a loved one well into the future. California families seeking to provide for loved ones who are unable to care for themselves may consider taking specific steps, particularly drafting a special needs trust. Trust preparation requires thoughtful consideration of future needs and appropriate guidance.

Some people may think it is best to leave money to a sibling or another family member for the care of a special needs loved one, but that is not always the best option. In fact, if that person dies or is unable to speak for him or herself, that money may end up being used for something else. Leaving money and assets for the special needs person directly, however, could lead to the loss of certain benefits.

Families caring for a disabled individual would be wise not to delay in getting appropriate plans in place. Procrastination can be costly and stressful, especially if something unexpected happens. Having a complete estate plan in place, including a special needs trust, can give a California family peace of mind regarding the future.

Trust preparation can be an important aspect of completing an estate plan. It is beneficial to think carefully about everything from naming an appropriate trustee to what a special needs person may require to maintain a certain quality of life long into the future. Many families find it beneficial to seek a complete explanation of their estate planning options before moving forward with important decisions. 


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