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Estate administration can be eased with planning

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2018 | Estate Administration & Probate

After a death in the family, someone will likely be chosen to handle the bulk of the person’s estate. When the individual has a comprehensive estate plan with an allocated executor, estate administration can be less stressful for the person doing the work, especially in the area of resolving finances. Some experts have gathered other information that can be helpful to California residents during the estate administration process. 

First of all, a person should not try to make major decisions while emotions are high. Don’t feel rushed, because that is when a person is likely to overlook important details. Secondly, a person should not feel that he or she has to go it alone. Probate attorneys and financial adviser can provide guidance to the person settling the estate. 

Other recommendations include taking at least three months to check the mail for nonrecurring bills and other loose ends. Getting multiple copies of the death certificate can be helpful. Of course, locating the original will and trust documents are a significant help. The documents will serve as the guide to the many financial decisions that must be made in the wake of a person’s demise. 

Estate administration can be a daunting and lengthy task. Anyone who has undergone this process can likely understand the value of estate planning, in that it reduces the stress on loved ones after the person dies. Individuals in California interested in estate planning may want to start taking the first steps. An experienced attorney can be a useful guide to those ready to begin the planning process. 

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