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Disposing of property following a loved one's death

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2016 | Estate Administration & Probate

Most people do tend to accumulate things, and the “stuff” that piles up over the course of a lifetime can be considerable.

Some of the property — both real and personal — that is amassed during one’s life is of course valuable, indeed, both in terms of its appraised worth and owing to the value it commands for family members. The merit attached to select heirlooms and other artifacts that is distinct from any actual monetary value cannot be overstated in some instances.

Conversely, some objects that remain behind following a loved one’s passing are clearly seen by all surviving family members for what they truly are, namely, things that can be disposed of in some fashion without lingering regrets. Stuff is sometime stuff, and nothing more.

In the immediate wake of a family member’s death, though, it can sometimes be difficult to immediately perceive how given “stuff” should be viewed, and how its transfer should ultimately be effected.

That is, it can be hard in a given case to timely and properly dispose of property. As noted in one recent media article discussing the transfer of a loved one’s property following his or her passing, that exercise “can be very difficult, both logistically and emotionally.”

When such is the case, a proven estate planning attorney can step in and play an eminently useful role in helping family survivors purposefully move forward. The above-cited article notes that an experienced estate administration lawyer can help families “set up a game plan.”

There may be a will to help assist the process, and/or one or more trust vehicles. And if a family’s attorney played a timely and direct role in fashioning those planning tools, the process of property disposal might be appreciably expedited and simplified.

Additionally, a seasoned estate planning lawyer can help identify and work with other professionals who can promote the process, such as appraisers, estate sale specialists, realtors and other parties.

A proven estate administration law firm can answer questions and provide diligent representation to family members during this important time.


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