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Estate planning's wide applicability: focus on substance abuse

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2016 | Trusts

Any reader searching for articles and information on generalized estate planning subjects won’t be disappointed following a simple online search into that topic area.

What he or she will find is a veritable trove of stories and, often, “how to” do-it-yourself directives for accomplishing certain goals.

Of course, such information can sometimes be generally useful and, for topics of any complexity, a useful starting point that might reasonably lead to a call to a proven estate administration professional.

We spotlight an article today that would seem to centrally define the type of piece that some readers might find germane to their planning situation. It is somewhat generic, but that hardly detracts from its relevance in select situations and to the spark it might provide that leads to a meaningful exchange with an experienced estate planning attorney. Indeed, and as its author notes, any person interested in the topic “should consult an attorney for advice on their particular circumstances.”

The subject: loved ones with enduring and seemingly intractable alcohol or drug problems.

That scenario can understandably lead to planning concerns for family members who want to ensure that a child or other relative with a substance abuse problem won’t fall through the cracks once the planners who are providing life’s essentials have retired or passed away.

Thoughtful and tailored estate administration can address with precision just such an issue, with the above-cited article noting that “estate planning is an important part of the overall approach to such a difficult situation.”

A proven professional can discuss options with a family, who might find that a carefully chosen and crafted trust can optimally promote planning objectives.

A fundamental value of timely and well-considered estate planning is that it can broadly address needs across the virtual universe of what is important in a given case.


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