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Social Security benefits loom large in many estate plans

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2015 | Estate Administration & Probate

One topic unquestionably dominates the conversations of millions of Americans from time to time in living rooms, company dining facilities, coffee shops, malls and just about everywhere else where people of a certain age congregate and exchange views.

That would be Social Security, which has been a top-tier inclusion as a subject matter choice ever since it was established as a federal benefits programs many decades ago.

Pundits regularly pontificate on Social Security-related matters on television shows and in seminars that regularly feature in Arizona and all other states across the country. Classes are held. Newspaper articles routinely visit topics concerning retirement, payroll contributions, the taxation of Social Security benefits, the future of the program and so forth. Online calculators help users play with retirement-related numbers. The Social Security Administration has a website that exhaustively covers every imaginable topic of relevance for consumers.

In short, Social Security is a flatly important program. Scores of millions of Americans depend upon it. Indeed, it is a lifeline for high numbers of persons in their retirement years.

As such, it rightfully qualifies as subject matter that many individuals, couples and families need to be visiting with their estate planning attorneys. The perception sometimes held by people that estate planning is only for the rich is rendered false by the very fact that so many Americans desperately need all the Social Security benefits they can legally amass to help ensure a comfortable life following retirement.

A recent article chronicling some announced changes to Social Security claiming strategies in the future underscores just how important such adjustments can be to millions of families.

As the author of that piece notes, many people who will be affected by the new rules might reasonably want to seek timely assistance from a professional adviser. Discussion will likely center on how affected parties “will have to change their retirement income plan.”

A proven estate planning attorney can provide further information on how Social Security benefits can be optimally applied by an individual or family seeking security through well-considered financing planning.


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