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Medi-Cal considerations: role of proven estate planning counsel

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2015 | Estate Administration & Probate

Estate planning commentators often remark on the need for individuals and families to think about their estates — regardless of size or composition — in a timely manner that allows for purposeful planning and peace of mind.

That makes sense, of course, in the same way that it is logical in any planning realm. Doing things in a reflective and soundly reasoned fashion is always preferable to trying to get things done in a tardy and haphazard manner.

With estate planning, being proactive and having a forward-thinking mindset can be especially important, given the complex and interactive manner in which many planning considerations play out. As is often and wisely noted regarding estate administration, key concerns can broadly involve financial, health, tax and additional considerations in a closely interrelated way.

As we note on the Elder Law page of our estate planning website at the Orange County Newman Law Group, careful and timely consideration paid to mutually relating factors can be especially important in the sphere of Medicaid (commonly termed Medi-Cal in California) planning.

Put another way: Growing older naturally coincides in many instances with a corresponding — and increasing — need to carefully think about and implement a plan that, as we point out on the above-cited page, “allows you to protect and control your assets if you become incapacitated and require assisted living or nursing home care.”

Nobody needs to be reminded these days that health care costs are prohibitively high and constantly spiraling.

Knowledge is key in response to that reality, given that eligibility for Medi-Cal offsets can greatly defray care costs, provided that the laws regarding Medi-Cal — truly complex and routinely changing — are well understood and applied to ensure eligibility.

Medi-Cal and related elder law considerations routinely preoccupy the attorneys at our firm, who take strong pride in helping clients take advantage of existing laws in a manner that fully promotes their best interests and those of their loved ones

We welcome readers’ inquiries regarding our firm and the work we do on behalf of clients with elder law concerns.


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