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Elder law considerations: singular and often complex

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2015 | Estate Administration & Probate

It’s hardly a surprise that planning considerations adjust somewhat for most people as they age. Persons who suddenly find themselves dwelling upon matters such as incapacitation and long-term care needs are anything but an anomaly. We all age, and purposeful — that is, timely and customized — planning to deal with such contingencies can yield material piece of mind.

And save money, which is a concern that most people reasonably have.

Consider the following statistics, which we note on a relevant page of our website at the Orange County-based Newman Law Group:

  • As they age, many Americans need to spend time at some point in a nursing home or other care facility (reportedly, as many as half of all women)
  • The costs of such care are starkly high and progressively increasing, a reality that understandably strains many family budgets

Although some readers might feel angst over the fact that there is no simple and one-size-fits-all solution for responding to the singular needs of the elderly demographic, it is precisely the availability of tailored elder law estate planning strategies and tools that benefits many people with concerns.

Put another way: There are many things a client might profitably explore in consultation with a proven estate planning and elder law attorney regarding plans for addressing care, incapacity and other related matters.

As we note on our website, information related to Medicaid (known as Medi-Cal in California) that is offered up by loved ones and friends “is often wrong or outdated,” with eligibility standards and spend-down rules even being misunderstood by some health professionals and counselors.

Our law firm works closely with individuals and families focused upon elder law concerns. We welcome your online visit to our firm and hope that you find our Elder Law & Medi-Cal page useful.


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