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Social Security benefits loom large in many estate plans

One topic unquestionably dominates the conversations of millions of Americans from time to time in living rooms, company dining facilities, coffee shops, malls and just about everywhere else where people of a certain age congregate and exchange views.

Focus on long-term care policies; some interesting study results

High numbers of people across the United States, including many California residents, seek to respond meaningfully to advancing age by securing the benefits of long-term care policies offered by select insurance companies.

Medi-Cal considerations: role of proven estate planning counsel

Estate planning commentators often remark on the need for individuals and families to think about their estates -- regardless of size or composition -- in a timely manner that allows for purposeful planning and peace of mind.

Can estate plans with out-of-state property bypass probate?

Mobility and modern family life might create unique real property ownership situations. Perhaps a couple owns out-of-state property. Perhaps a family has separated but not divorced, with spouses living in different states. Perhaps parents purchased a property for their child in a different state.