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Being childless does not diminish the need for estate planning

If you're married but sans kids and don’t ever expect to alter that status quo, you can basically just opt of any discussion on estate planning that some of your friends and acquaintances might be having, right?

Tough times make sound financial planning a central consideration

Although the United States is a country that is obviously marked by tremendous resources and power, such riches do not automatically translate to wealth -- that is, sustained and unfettered financial power and associated freedoms -- for all Americans.

Social Security benefits loom large in many estate plans

One topic unquestionably dominates the conversations of millions of Americans from time to time in living rooms, company dining facilities, coffee shops, malls and just about everywhere else where people of a certain age congregate and exchange views.

Focus on long-term care policies; some interesting study results

High numbers of people across the United States, including many California residents, seek to respond meaningfully to advancing age by securing the benefits of long-term care policies offered by select insurance companies.