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Medi-Cal considerations: role of proven estate planning counsel

Estate planning commentators often remark on the need for individuals and families to think about their estates -- regardless of size or composition -- in a timely manner that allows for purposeful planning and peace of mind.

Can estate plans with out-of-state property bypass probate?

Mobility and modern family life might create unique real property ownership situations. Perhaps a couple owns out-of-state property. Perhaps a family has separated but not divorced, with spouses living in different states. Perhaps parents purchased a property for their child in a different state.

Elder law considerations: singular and often complex

It's hardly a surprise that planning considerations adjust somewhat for most people as they age. Persons who suddenly find themselves dwelling upon matters such as incapacitation and long-term care needs are anything but an anomaly. We all age, and purposeful -- that is, timely and customized -- planning to deal with such contingencies can yield material piece of mind.

Why is avoiding probate a goal for many in estate planning?

Probate is a process by which a decedent’s assets can be transferred to his or her beneficiaries, and any debts of the estate can be paid. For many individuals, however, the goal of estate planning is to avoid probate. 

How do community property laws affect estate planning?

Is estate planning affected by whether a jurisdiction is an equitable distribution or a community property state? The answer is yes, and since California is a community property estate, individuals should heed several considerations.