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Probate begins with filing and validating the decedent's will

Being in the position to handle a person's final affairs can be rewarding and challenging. Some California residents may be happy to act as a loved one's executor in order to close the estate and ensure that the person's final wishes are carried out. Of course, the probate process also involves taking various legal steps, starting with filing the will with the court.

Follow instructions to see a loved one's estate through probate

Handling a loved one's final affairs can be a bittersweet time. Many California residents undoubtedly feel grief over a family member's passing but may also remember the loving time they spent together as they assess the final estate. Of course, if a person is an executor and must see the estate through probate, it can be a confusing and stressful time as well.

Executors will need to marshal estate assets

The death of a loved one is a life-changing event for surviving family members. It can be a challenging experience for a number of reasons, and the executor of the estate will likely have many challenges to face in addition to handling his or her personal feelings. Settling a California estate takes a lot of work, and the executor will need to pay close attention to estate assets in particular.

Estate planning tips to avoid probate

Estate planning is often thought of as something only wealthy families need. However, every family should have a strategy in place to make the transition of assets smoother and less stressful for loved ones. One big reason to have an estate plan is to minimize the risk of assets winding up in probate court. Probate is an expensive process that can take many months to complete. Here's how families in California can avoid having assets locked up in the probate process.

Careful planning yields successful distribution of estate assets

There's a line often repeated about a wealthy man who passes away. One friend asks the other friend "how much did he leave?" to which the response is "everything he had." No matter the vast wealth one possesses in California, it remains behind when a person dies. Realizing this fact and planning for how one's estate assets will be distributed after one's passing can be one of the best bequests a person leaves behind in California.

Well-planned estate administration can be a gift to loved ones

People make plans and set goals in order to achieve success in life. Plans and goals can also be established in order to effect a smooth transition that will simplify matters after death for the person's loved ones. Successful planning can reduce costs of estate administration in California, particularly if one does not have the appropriate estate plan documents in place.

Probate and how to manage it

Estate planning is a term that most people are familiar with but there are aspects that people may not be familiar with in California. One of these is probate and how it can impact an estate one wishes to leave for loved ones. Probate is the process that a will must go through, via the courts, to establish that it is legitimate.

Digital assets should be included with estate assets

Most people in California have some awareness  of the importance of having an estate plan, in part due to the recent passing of notable people who did not have one and the chaos that resulted around the resolution of their estates. What people may not be aware of is the necessity to include one's digital life in estate assets when creating a comprehensive plan. Digital footprints have grown considerably and failure to incorporate it can cause one's heirs unnecessary angst, inconvenience and possible financial cost.

Asset distribution can be spelled out for unrelated beneficiaries

Estate planning provides the means to provide for the settlement of one's estate once the individual dies. Because family structures have changed considerably over the years, it is worth taking a closer look at what asset distribution can look like when considering one's own family structure. Often the biggest asset a Californian has is real estate. How that property was acquired could impact how it should be handled in regard to one's estate.

Review of estate plan necessary to protect estate assets

Another year is winding down. As the season changes, it is typically a time to review the year almost passed and contemplate the year to come. It is also a good time to take a look at one's estate assets and review plans that are in place or establish a plan if one is not already in place in California.