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What do you need to know about elder law attorneys?

While California attorneys may offer assistance to people of all ages, the elderly population's legal needs involve different concerns than many other age groups. If you are going to see an elder law attorney for the first time, keep these considerations in mind....

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Elder law concerns merit timely estate planning

A commentator on estate planning makes a telling and important point in a recent media piece regarding planning considerations and elder law.That is this: Many people often -- and understandably, in the absence of any detailed knowledge -- consider general estate...

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Elder law considerations: singular and often complex

It's hardly a surprise that planning considerations adjust somewhat for most people as they age. Persons who suddenly find themselves dwelling upon matters such as incapacitation and long-term care needs are anything but an anomaly. We all age, and purposeful -- that...

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Why an estate plan should include emergency directives

Many California residents likely think of estate planning as simply a tool to distribute your assets after your death. You may not have considered what could happen to your assets if you suddenly become incapacitated when you are young. Who will make medical decisions...

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Should you establish a Medicaid trust?

Are you reaching the age where you may need to consider long-term elder care? If you live in California, there are several avenues available. The key to success in this area is knowing the type of arrangement that is right for your needs. This is a time in which...

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Health care planning helps achieve future goals

It's as old as the fable of the ant and the grasshopper. By now, most people know that planning for the future early can be a huge help later on in life. One way that individuals plan for future goals is through health care planning. California residents may...

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