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October 2020 Archives

Reducing estate taxes a concern prior to the election

Estate plans can provide many protections for those who utilize them. For many affluent California residents, reducing estate taxes is often of concern. Fortunately, estate planning can help them achieve that goal, but it is important that plans are updated when changes to the law take place.

Transferring assets is a vital part of trust preparation

Many California residents believe that using a trust as part of their estate plan is wise. This line of thinking can often allow individuals to take advantage of the many benefits a trust can offer. However, it is important to remember that trust preparation goes beyond simply creating the trust and that assets need to be put into it.

Regardless of amount of wealth, wills can benefit all adults

Over the years, most people in California and across the country accumulate various assets. Many of these assets could prove beneficial to family members in the future, and as a result, people generally want those assets to pass on to those loved ones. However, without wills and other estate planning documents in place, who gets what might not be as guaranteed as one would think.

Health care directives can bring peace of mind

Most people want to feel as if they have at least a modicum of control in any given scenario. There are certainly situations in life that no California resident can control, but often, preparations can be made that could at least act as a guide for handling certain ordeals as best as possible. For instance, many individuals may benefit from creating health care directives that would allow them to provide instructions for care in a health crisis they cannot control.