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Wills, other planning documents can benefit loved ones

It is common for people to think that they have plenty of time to get certain affairs in order. Unfortunately, too many individuals in California and elsewhere end up in difficult situations without having made the needed plans to handle certain details. In particular, many parties do not create wills or advance health directives that could help their loved ones handle financial matters and other important affairs after a loved one's incapacitation or passing.

Probate begins with filing and validating the decedent's will

Being in the position to handle a person's final affairs can be rewarding and challenging. Some California residents may be happy to act as a loved one's executor in order to close the estate and ensure that the person's final wishes are carried out. Of course, the probate process also involves taking various legal steps, starting with filing the will with the court.

Follow instructions to see a loved one's estate through probate

Handling a loved one's final affairs can be a bittersweet time. Many California residents undoubtedly feel grief over a family member's passing but may also remember the loving time they spent together as they assess the final estate. Of course, if a person is an executor and must see the estate through probate, it can be a confusing and stressful time as well.