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Ease tension between heirs with discussion and formal planning

Though most people hope that they have a family that gets along without a hitch, that is not the case for a considerable number of families. In fact, siblings and other relatives can often find themselves at odds. As a result, some people may have concerns that their heirs will fight over their remaining estate.

Is a durable or springing power of attorney right for you?

In many cases, it is a good idea for California residents to have someone who can make decisions for them and act on their behalf when they are not available. Fortunately, power of attorney documents can help interested individuals appoint a trusted person to such a role. However, different types and powers exist, so it is wise to understand available options.

Estate planning in a turbulent market

Having an estate plan is an excellent step toward establishing one's legacy in California. But like so many things in life, estate planning is meant to be an ongoing process. The plan should be reviewed and revised as needed every few years. The current fluctuations in the market can be viewed as a time to perhaps review one's plan.

Careful planning yields successful distribution of estate assets

There's a line often repeated about a wealthy man who passes away. One friend asks the other friend "how much did he leave?" to which the response is "everything he had." No matter the vast wealth one possesses in California, it remains behind when a person dies. Realizing this fact and planning for how one's estate assets will be distributed after one's passing can be one of the best bequests a person leaves behind in California.