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Your estate plan needs a power of attorney -- here's why

Most people in California know that estate planning is useful for leaving inheritances for heirs, but this is only a small part of a much larger picture. A well-rounded estate plan should also include a living will and power of attorney. These two documents allow an individual to address things like end-of-life issues, including preferences for medical care and who will make those decisions if necessary.

January is a great time to begin an estate planning journey

It is January, the month for resolutions. Addressing the issue of creating an estate plan is occasionally one of those resolutions and is one that people in California should keep. People often have the mistaken thought that they don't have assets worth protecting and therefore don't need a plan. Estate Planning is something every adult should consider as almost everyone has something worth protecting.

Providing for heirs can provide peace of mind in the new year

As December turns to January, many Californians turn to thoughts of the year to come and beyond. On occasion, in addition to dieting or joining a gym, this may include thoughts concerning estate planning. It can be difficult to contemplate one's own mortality but failing to provide for one's heirs can cause chaos and heartache at an already difficult time. Conversely, if a person does have a plan in place but has not revisited it in some years, a review may be called for.

Estate planning is gift to loved ones as the new year begins

Another new year has arrived, and many people's thoughts turn to the future as they consider goals and accomplishments to be pursued in the coming months. For many in California, this may include the task of estate planning. While contemplating one's passing may not be appealing, failure to plan can result in increased heartache for loved ones and drawn-out legal proceedings in settling one's estate. This can be both financially and emotionally costly to loved ones.