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Estate administration planning can reduce stress at painful time

Americans are living longer and healthier lives. As a result, some families in California neglect to review estate plans or to even establish one in the first place. When a parent becomes ill and death may appear imminent, children may find themselves confronted with questions and issues regarding the transfer of property and other estate administration concerns.

Wills alone do not an estate plan make

Older Americans are among the largest age group in California and around the country as the baby boomers continue to enter retirement. Many believe they have good estate plans in place and are enjoying their retirement. They believe that having a will is all that is really needed to have a good plan. Wills alone do not necessarily comprise an estate plan, however.

Estate planning real estate and blended families can be complex

Family structures in California have become more complicated in recent years. With second marriages, children from second marriages and the respective extended families, estate planning needs to take all of these considerations into account. While many aspects of an estate can be affected by family structure, real estate ownership may deserve a little bit of extra attention.

Wills and trusts both have a place in estate planning

Estate planning is becoming widely recognized as a necessary step to take in protecting one's assets in California. There's a vocabulary that goes along with it and some find it a bit confusing. Two of the primary terms are wills and trusts. To make the best use of these tools, one should understand the role that each of these documents can play.