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Estate planning is an adulting activity

There are many new terms to come out of the millennial generation, as there so often are with new generations. One of these terms is adulting, as in something they do not perceive themselves as being very good at. Estate planning is viewed by many of them as an adulting activity. The truth is that estate planning is indeed a very adult and responsible thing to do in California.

Estate planning can prevent family squabbles over estate assets

Few things in life are certain, with death and taxes noted as exceptions.  Most families in California wish to leave a legacy for their heirs but not all of them successfully prepare for it. Estate planning can alleviate many ill feelings and legal ramifications. Sadly, Aretha Franklin was one who appears to not have adequately prepared, and her family is paying the price through a court fight over her estate assets.

Estate planning is important for solo agers

There is no question that the American population is aging. An ever-growing number of baby boomers enter retirement in California every day. In many families, children will take the lead on caring for, or finding care for aging parents. This can include making sure that estate planning documents are in order and up to date. What about the number of people who are aging but don't have children, known as solo agers?

Providing for heirs in a blended marriage

Family structures in California have changed over the years. Blended families have become the norm, and this can present challenges where estate planning is concerned. With the addition of second spouses, stepchildren and former spouses, the complexity of formulating a plan for passing on one's estate to one's heirs can seem overwhelming.

Trust preparation can be complex but very worthwhile

Estate planning has its own vocabulary that consists of words like wills, living wills, medical directives, probate and trusts, just to name a few. Trusts allow one to keep the details of an estate private and can simplify the process of transferring assets in California. Understanding trust preparation and probate and the impact on the transfer of one's estate can be key to successful estate planning.