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Asset protection the goal in estate planning

Protecting loved ones is often one of the primary goals expressed by California residents. There are many ways in which this goal is accomplished; loved ones can be protected both physically and financially. One way in which they are protected financially is through estate planning and ensuring that asset protection concerns have been addressed.

Power of attorney allows another to make important decisions

Many California residents make plans. They plan what they will do over the weekend, where they will go on vacation next summer and even who will host Thanksgiving next year. While making these type of plans is important, it is even more important to plan for the future. Planning for the future often includes creating a will, devising an estate plan and establishing a power of attorney.

Blended families and inheritance

The typical California family is anything but typical. Some families consist of mom, dad and the kids; other families include step-parents and step-children. Estate planning is essential regardless of the family make-up; however, with blended families, estate planning can be crucial in making sure that each individual receives the intended inheritance.