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November 2016 Archives

Health care directives can guide family in making decisions

Advances in medical care have added years to the life of the average California resident. Illnesses that would once result in almost certain death can now be treated, and the individual can continue on with a normal life. As a loved one ages, many times, it is up to family members to decide what that individual wants and how to medically best take care of him or her. These decisions can be stressful for the family and often cause dissension. In order to avoid all this, one can establish advanced health care directives indicating the type and extent of medical care desired.

Preparing wills important for newly married couples

Many people believe that estate planning is something that someone at or approaching retirement age should be doing. This way of thinking, though, could be a serious problem for many California couples. In fact, estate planning and the creation of wills are something that should begin almost as soon as the wedding vows are shared.

Basics of estate planning

Over the years, the average individual will accumulate both assets and liabilities. These will often be in the form of real estate, investments, collections, mortgages and other personal debt. While this accumulation is normal for most California residents, how to handle these assets and liabilities as a part of one's estate is unique to each individual. For this reason, estate planning is crucial for those wanting to make things easier and protect assets for the next generation.

Durable power of attorney essential in planning for the future

Unfortunately, planning for the future involves planning for both the best and worst case scenarios. Under the best of circumstances, the individual will live a long, full life and be able to enjoy California retirement. On the other hand, this is not guaranteed, and the individual may suffer a condition in which he or she is unable to make their own personal decisions. In both instances, a durable power of attorney will be a beneficial document.